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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  October 25, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> once again, it's just about go time. less than 24 hours the indians take the field for the first world series appearance in nearly 20 years but the same time that cats take the corporate and home opener after they celebrate our seasons nba title. kevin freeman is live at progressive field as the excitement builds for both matchup spread. >> it sure is. you can see the lights are on here. at this time tomorrow night, downtown is going to be rocking. especially right here at progressive field.
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already earlier today, many cleveland sports fans were already down here getting ready for the historic events. >> known as the indians number one fan, john adams hopes to drum up upbeat that can help the tribe march to a world series win against the chicago cubs. you can't as a people, as it teams, this is a culture here, everything. it doesn't matter what others think, you can't count us out. take this a story book suffer the finishing touches on satellite trucks and production trailers and place to broadcast game on tuesday night. tribue for is spreading all over town. i first trip here, just staying over at the couple blocks from the ballpark. lots of bars, a lot of nightlife. the people have been very friendly. >> even fans of the clips enjoying downtown and looking forward to the matchup of two teams starving for a world series victory. take metro lots of cleveland,
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our fans are back in chicago. >> i'm excited. we came down for my birthday dinner and then pay the scavenger hunt to try to win tickets to the game. >> they went deep downtown was many things to celebrate like a foot may well also cheer on the cavaliers who play their first game of the season next door faq tuesday night and they will be honored for winning their first nba title back in june. the family has tickets to game six of the world series. the geek you want there to be a game six? >> if they win before that, no we don't want to game six budke it's our year. it's clear cleveland year. >> cleaveland cavaliers broke the curse. >> we want to do this all in four games. if your able to make it to chicago for the other games, the away games, there will be watch parties right here at progressive field. tickets are five dollars, but you can only buy four of them. as you can see, we're already for tomorrow night.
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to go. >> kevin, i thought you were awfully nice of those cubs fans out there, don't care any they have the bears that of one, the blackhawks as of one, the bulls that have one, no, we're not crying. i didn't write any tears for them. i let him speak his mind, he's here. he's cheering on his team. he did tell me he says he hopes that they do it in for, but that's not going to happen. if anybody will do it in for, it will be us. >> the indians and cubs have turn in their official world series lineups tomorrow and both teams have tough decisions to make prayer of the sports anchor john tillage joins us now, both teams are really getting them key players back at just the right time. >> here is the situation the indians lost three of their top for starters to injury in the final month of the season. terry francona says both trevor bauer and tony salazar will be ready to pitch if needed in the world series. salazar hasn't pitched since
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forearm for the all-star through a three inning simulated game is my hit 97 miles an hour. so tito says he will replace cody anderson on the roster. meantime how about trevor brouwer, they say it's finally finally stopped bleeding. doctor drone looks good on the mound that's done tonight said the indians hope that he will be ready to start game two wednesday night here in town. as for the cubs, their all-time leader in postseason home runs just flew into cleveland this evening. ohio native kyle schwarber went deep five times last october and seemed poised for a breakout season in till he tore his acl in the third game of this year, but after six months of rehab, he could be back in the lineup tomorrow night. >> he's swinging the bat well. he's running really well. he's actually done some sliding drills and all that kind of stuff to just test the whole thing out. we will wait until he plays tonight and then make an evaluation after that. >> nothings official, but danny
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anderson will be taken off for the series. now, again, nothings official, so if we have another drone incidental or anything with model airplanes or anything, we reserve the right to enter we have to turn it in. >> its until all recreation hobbies have even stopped for the debris of the 25 man rosters have to be set by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in addition to mr. schwarber, do not forget about jan combs, he's another fast healer who did, indeed, for cover in time to fully be a factor. he could be a factor in this world series. he was on the alds roster. >> nice to seem the flamethrower back with us. >> i think they were searching for them before the bullpen was outstanding in that quest series and, of course, the first series the alds, but you need a little more link out of the starters in the world series.
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>> the parties have already started even before game day, the league goes to the private gala at the rock 'n roll hall of fame tonight fox it's melissa reid joins us now with a look. >> it was the place to be tonight, the who's who of cleveland mixing it with the mlb and indians organization. even though the indians haven't won the world series just yet, it is a way to celebrate what they've already accomplished. >> under a stunning red sunset, the red carpet wa the rock 'n roll hall of fame and museum monday night. >> i'm extremely excited this is just the coolest thing. the celebration in honor of the cleveland indians trip to the world series. >> this is super i'm so happy for the dolan family and what they were able to accomplish year and they certainly deserve it. >> i'm digging the tide. >> members of the mlb, indians
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guests partied inside the rock hall as the team got ready for the first game of the world series. >> i remember 1954 i was a little kid. i didn't get a chance to go. they lost four straight, so i'm overly excited about this. >> prostate cameras were not allowed inside this invitation only event however, a couple of viewers shared these photos of the party inside. outside the rock hall, it could just feel the excitement. people can't wait to see this team bring home a world series championship for the first time in 68 years. >> at my age i didn't think number one at ever see a championship in this town. when the cavs won it, so this is just like icing on the cake. >> he's getting ice cream. yes, this was an invitation only event that will run until 11:00 p.m. tonight or we after hours. i'm told even the players were
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politely decline because they're focused on one thing tomorrow that is winning tomorrow night game. >> we want them to focus on that game and not stay out late. >> exactly. >> icing on the cake. i love it all. many clevelanders would love to get their hands on one of the few remaining tickets to the indians on games in the world series, but you're going to have to pay a kings ransom to get one. jack shea takes a look at the skyrocketing prices. >> the cleveland indians are going to the world >> @chance to witness history as the indians and cubs battled to see which team will and the world series championship drought as fan shopping around for tickets to the games here in cleveland. >> world series means everything to us, we went to the series and 95 and 97. so it's very full. we would probably pay three, four, even $500 a ticket. >> 159 here.
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local ticket brokers say there are a limited number of tickets available for the indians on games during the fall classic. but the influence of cub fans on the prices is making them unaffordable for many indian fans. with $1,215 a ticket, it's going to put your right with that picture is. section 528 down the right-field line in the tenth row. i think that's crazy. i think at the game for families and i think cleveland area f family to afford to go to the game would cause them to ground, i don't think that's possible. it sat in the way. i feel sorry for the fancy cuts all the games and can't afford to go to the series. if you think the tickets for the games in a cleveland are expensively until you're wet cub fans are willing to play for the games in chicago. >> it's about $3,000 just to get a standing room in wrigley
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that's drilled to right field. >> perhaps most disturbing to cleveland fans will be able to get large number of chicago fans willing to sell out the unprecedented for seats at progressive field. about halfway in between third-base and left-field foul pole will be $1,823 a ticket. that's tough, i've gone to games here for seven years and walked up and bought tickets at the gate and you can't do that anymore which is great for the team, but tough on the average fan, there's lts people that are shut out. right behind home plate about 25 euros off the field, $2,079 per ticket. >> admin it's kind of ridiculous actually. it really hurts the average fan to be honest with you. which, i don't like that too much, but it is what it is. >> jack shea, fox it means, cleveland. break open the piggy bank. the world series starts tomorrow at progressive field and fox 8
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no one else. we're pleased to have former tribe skipper mark hargrove and tony rizzo during the fox 8 during the series. our coverage will begin at 4:00 p.m. and take you right up until first pitch, rallied together only here on fox 8. still to come, a first look at the world series forecast. melissa will join us with that next. >> a survival guide to world series parking. what fans will have to pay tomorrow night. back to the drawing board for promise goal of officials by the impending cuts that have brought out another passionate crowd. born again, a family shares an incredible story the medical scare that force their daughter to be born twice. getting political on the gridiron?
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aps, more distance, we'll give you your money back - period. protein shots from 5-hour energy. great taste. 100 calories. 21 grams of protein. >> we'll come back to fox 8 knees at 10:00 p.m. top of mind, world series game one into, what will the forecast be? here we go. tomorrow we'll start off first pitch quite chilly. this is the beginning of the game at 8:08 p.m. temperatures will fall throughout the game. at least it will be dry. on the flipside first pitch on wednesday for game two appears
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drops with temperatures in the upper 40s to mere 50 with a warm front around east southeast winds will prevail from 5-15 miles an hour. let's hope we can somehow stave off the moisture into the game ends on wednesday. we shall see as we get closer to that timeframe. as we head into some of the current temperatures as we speak this evening, still cleveland at 43 the rain and down into the upper 30s for mansfield. winds have really lightened up at times today gusting around 2. a far cry compared to yesterday on sunday with temperatures close to 70 today we had temperatures fall from the upper 50s early in the morning while you were sleeping and help her in the low 50s he basically all day long. we had him arrested tonight looking at the partly cloudy sky and some pockets could become clear.
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stay quite chilly as you head off to school and work tomorrow. covering to near 50 tomorrow about 10 degrees below normal. bright sunshine in your forecast indefinitely good way to kick off the number one of the world series right here at home at progressive. low 50s at the chance of a late day shower on wednesday better chances early thursday at this point friday night had stomachs quiet, dry, chile during the evening hours and kickoff around 7:00 p.m. high temperatures on friday in the mid- 50s. your full eight day forecast includes the trick-or-treat think forecast. opportunity of a lifetime. >> this ten -year-old ready to mix it up at the media. the local boy who won the job of kid reporter for the world series. >> doughnuts landed him in handcuffs.
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>> is still plenty attention in parma tonight is a school district works on a plan to make up the $50 million deficit. at earlier plan to combine the district three high schools in protest and the resignation of the board president. that plan is now off the table, but they cuts are still coming. part was granted an extension by the state to come up with the new fiscal reduction plan the boards as the final version will be laid out and voted on this coming thursday. >> i'm asking you, the board members to come to the football games, the volleyball games and the soccer games education
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you're not just saying that you support our schools, you are showing us. >> the parma city school district as a november 1 deadline to finalize the plan. >> of brunswick man goes before a judge for hitting two women changing at tire on the side of five or 80. clark justyn pleaded not guilty to charges of aggravated vehicular assault and dui. investigators say the 48 -year-old did not initially stop when the accident happened earlier this month 27 -year-old tanisha matthews matthews was seriously hurt. a guilty plea from a 21 -year-old accused of propping up parma and killing the owner. a grand jury indicted slogans and cleared for aggravated murder and robbery. sinclair robbed the pearl road gas station last november and exchanged gunshots with the owner who died at the scene. the inner belt bridge is officially complete this morning i 90 east and i 71 northbound more open with full access the george point of it bridge.
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also reopen for a total of five lanes in the eastbound direction the west 14th street entrance ramp also reopened as well as access from i 90 east to carnegie avenue. what a beautiful sight it was heading into work. >> no more headaches. a cleveland mother arrested for child endangerment. >> the story doesn't end there. what a pair of police officers are doing to make a positive impact on the lives of her children. >> as if tomorrow and i could get any better for
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a couple of cleveland police officers had to arrest the mother of three young children. >> than those officers took an extraordinary step to make a big difference in the boys lives. >> a cleveland police cruiser and city pickup truck, filled with supplies officers don't usually bring with them to calls, toys, diapers, and children's clothes. but this was no ordinary call. on monday, cleveland officer salva salvatore sentelle and tom wolfe took what they needed to handle the job. it makes them little one smile.
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officers rescued these two toddlers after they responded to a call about possible child neglect on the home on east 108. when police arrived at the psalm, they found that children alone, and living in deplorable conditions. they said the children were nonowners. >> i remember walking into a house and i look down and i couldn't believe what i saw. i finally caught up with him up the stairs and i saw there was children living there. i get really upset. some boys mother was and is now facing two felony charges of endangering children. you could tell they had been washed, they were very malnourished, they were scary. their stomachs were sticking out. they generally speak at all. >> the children were placed with her grandmother, but the officers say they wanted to do more. so they asked fellow officers for donations. and they came through. even donating gifts for the boys older brother.
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>> whenever we had some free time in this area and if it's not delay we would stop by and see how they're doing. so we play with them with them sit in a police car their older brother said he wants simply a police officer now when he grows up. >> the boys grandmother said she is done by the officers outpouring of support. >> they went above and beyond what anyone would expect. i mean the generosity has been overwhelming. their sincerity, they are just you know, it's wild. >> we see a lot of stressful things, bad days and good days. today's a good day. >> pirri call. >> going above and beyond, that is nice to see. whether the tribe is a home or away, one thing is for certain, progressive field will be rocking. away game watch party tickets now up for grabs. what fans need to know, and at.
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>> getting a ticket to the world series just the beginning. the i-team reveals what it could cost you depart tomorrow night. >> up like all has people talking po manning said on the field that sparked questions as the election approaches. the world the weather cooperate with the world series? melissa breaks it down for us and the forecast. the news at ten beacon continues right now. >> cleveland on fox news. tribe fans shelling out some big bucks for world series tickets.
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i-team investigating how much you'll pay for parking bird with game one of the fall classic and the cavaliers opener on the same night, spots are going to be difficult to come back. here is aired gallic. the i-team saving you the trouble of driving all over downtown looking for a parking space and binding when you can afford. top great likely to be here, across the street from the ballpark. even more than these guys waiting for autographs expected. how much you think that will be charging? >> at least 50. what is a project i told you it would probably be a deep. i would not be surprised at all. yup, this lot at ninth and carnegie expected to charge $80. the i-team wondered about others, so we went online to parking websites found the public square garage advertising 30, offering reservations to. so we paid and then we went to ask. is this for real?
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yes, sure. that's what it is. see can probably do better than $30. probably, yet, but i'm not going to several more blocks away on rockwall, the price will be $20. a longer walk to the indians are cavaliers games, but here they are also piling up the reservations. if you have reservation, you are guaranteed a spot on matter what. we know how many there are, we know how many spaces we have. meantime parkingl warrant watch out for the con man, especially at surface parking lots. seen it before? hanging around parking lots posing is parking attendants, collecting money from drivers in a hurry. too much of a hurry to make sure they're handing their money to
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>> @gallic, fox 8, i-team. >> it can't get to chicago for games, three, four, or five, the indians have you covered. tickets for world series away game watch parties on sale earlier today five dollar general mission tickets are still up for grabs, but the $24 club lounge tickets all gone. there is a poor ticket limit per order with proceeds going to i charities. the gates to progressive field will open one hour before each
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once their? >> we will have our strikers and our mascots here to fire of the crowd. you will watch the fox broadcast and stunning hd on our 13,000 square foot scoreboard which is very exciting all of our concession stands will be open. >> my daughter is 23 years old done here is frenzied, but i got to expense in the '90s it's fantastic. we're going to take one home for cleveland. as for watch party tickets for game five, well, those tickets are not yet for sale. the indians taking a watch and see approach hoping for a sweep. the only thing sweeter than watching the indians in the world series courtesy of lebron james. last year he could only thing better than having the cavaliers raise their championship banner and game one at the same time was free ice cream. thanks to the power of the king, it's happening right their be james asked for an ice cream truck to make tomorrow even more fun, free ice cream is coming. see you soon. one for all. to put way picking fans up tomorrow from four until 10:00 p.m. they're offering buy one get one free on burritos, bowls, salad, and tacos. the only thing you have to wear your drive gear and the deal is for in restaurant orders only. there is only one place you should be tomorrow, that should
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history of cleveland sports. we will have all-day coverage of the cavaliers and tribe starting with fox eight news in the morning live from the plaza between progressive field and the quicken loans arena. stay with us for the indians and the cubs in game one of the world series. northeast ohio rallies together exclusively on cleveland's own fox 8. >> talking little politics now. entering the home stretch with election day just over two weeks away. today donald trump focused on florida, and questioned the ball spread. >> just in case you haven't heard, we're winning, not only florida, but we're going to win the whole thing. today trumped announced that he called phony polls from the disgusting media he said he believes he's actually winning some polls have him doing so, some post on friday also treated the polls we're created to suppress his support. he did not back up his claim with evidence. where going to close the
3:35 am
the fact that millionaires can pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a teacher or a police officer. >> hillary clinton campaigning in new hampshire today work key senate seat is up for grabs for the clinton campaign seemingly encouraged by some of those polls and now looking to help her party take back the senate and new cnn poll has clinton leading from by a five-point spread. >> vice president joe biden was in cleveland today to talk
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the next five years. he spoke at the cleveland clinics annual medical summit this morning pretty also talked one-on-one with fox eight news in the morning anchor christie capel. the bp says the cancer meningitis led to dozens of changes that will streamline search for a cure including making it easier for americans to gain access to medical trials. he also voiced frustration with republican candidate donald trump. >> i spent my entire career fighting battles because it's been the cause of my life. and for this guide to say disgusting things because he has money has to write to grope other women, i mean that's the ultimate abuse of power. >> biden says secretary clinton has asked him to remain in his role with the cancer men shot if she is elected president. >> we will have to wait and see if things continue to get heated. the one thing that won't be spread. >> tomorrow for the world series the indians will need help, but cuts for the bouts, hats for the kids and everybody going to the ballpark for a speedy had, indeed. any reason to keep yourself warm is the good news is it's going to be dry, the bad news is it will be on the call side. if we had days like last week or we had temperatures near 70s, but not going to be the case. i want to take a quote glimpse. last weekend as this weekend
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cedar point. the high temp today was officially 59 degrees that was around 1:00 a.m. the low in the low 50s. normally 60 and 43. the record highs in 1963 was 80 degrees. that would be a great temperature for a ballgame. fifty at hopkins right now. ashtabula at 49. upper 30s though right now some areas have really cleared out, windsor dying down and we'll allow some radiation cooling. so the earth he's the surface we call it terrestrial living radiation. yet i, clear skies and calmer winds or mass like this in place encompassing the entire great lakes region. fifty at hopkins about of the sport is around speaking of chicago 43 in buffalo 45. you cross over the high river boundary, and that's when you have temperatures in the 50s and low 60s in raleigh right now. lots of cloud cover around today behind a weak week from the came through overnight.
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we had the lake enhanced clouds, and then of course, we had some pretty cold temperatures behind the friend. cold temperatures, but partly cloudy for an extensive rain, unfortunately that next chance of rain may affect the game number two for the world series at progressive. eight of 8:00 p.m. first pitch for that one as well. high pressure in the meantime for the next 24 hours. here is the front we watch closely that could produce if you shall he bring props back to the forecast tonight we go for the upper 30s again areas get cooler for that. you will drop at least to the mid their disparate we go partly cloudy to mostly clear tomorrow temperatures a lot like today right around 50, the low 50s. lots of sunshine, summed up rid of clouds, but still quiet. that is the good thing. as a gift for the next eight days ec wednesday, temperatures. be on the cool side, but attentive a shower late in the day. better chances holding off until
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font itself the ball games like driver friday night touchdown. still a goal and on friday. halloween, which is monday, a lot of trick-or-treaters then we'll have high temps in the afternoon in the mid- 50s. >> thank you very much. the still ahead, no shortage of media in cleveland covering the world series. >> one reportable stand out among the rest, meet the local boy leaving out a dream come
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a boy from valeria getting upper row seat to all the indians action, but not as a spectator berete. >> he is the official called reporter of the world series. take what we're some things you had to watch about common problems with him? >> mr. buscher has been teaching for more than a decade and a elyria. up while, his classroom is filled with his first love spread. >> i've been smile that keeps getting bigger things to his son. parker just won the opportunity of a lifetime. >> on the phone i was shaking,
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and tell him what is going on. the cleveland indians are going to the world series. get to talk to the indians and be near them at a world series game it just blows my name. oh my gosh, i won. this video helped the ten -year-old beat out all other cleveland area kids in chevys youth baseball program contest for the prize bigger than any check, and everlasting memory as kid reporter for the world series. have you been the use of drones for the remainder of the postseason? no, they are fun and just like trevor, i am a fan of star wars two. what if you get one of the cubs players. it's unbelievable. this is about more than just baseball for the family, this moment has been building for the three generations here at parkland fiscal behind me is named after parkers grandfather. >> my grandpa was born the last time the indians won the world series in 1948. so, i was going to get him a ticket because i knew he would
3:44 am
it's only to realize all the time he put into teaching me baseball i have in turn put into my own kids that we have three generations at the world series game celebrating how awesome cleveland is this year. even know how to put it fully into words. this picture says it best. >> big bright future ahead for mr. parker. >> what an awesome opportunity for that little boy. still to come, a babies encore and can spread. >> @ch of her health scare and the hospital, but refused to give up on her.
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i california nearly 10,000 national guard soldiers have been ordered to repay huge enlistment bonuses. the soldiers were yelped to serve in iraq and afghanistan and week the pentagon demanding the money back after audits reveal the california guard improperly offered bonuses of $15,000 or more for soldiers to reenlist. if they don't return the money, soldiers good taste interest charges, wage garnishment and tax liens, republicans and democrats in congress and in the california legislature are decrying the policy and calling for federal action.
3:48 am
restaurant tempered katy mclaughlin says subway received three reports indicating vogels sexual interest in children that failed to take proper action. the suit alleges away a loud global to spend significant time and elementary schools promoting the chain after the allegations. the game i have questions, questions that someday why children will ask me and then i victims are asking, questions to which i had no other answers. subway issued a statement saying he couldn't comment on pending litigation, cone quaffing and vogel will finalize their divorce days before he was sentenced for trading in child pornography and paying for sex with underage girls. a florida man suing the city of orlando after his breakfast treat was mistaken for something illegal. daniel rushing was arrested on drug charges last december when orlando police officers spotted
3:49 am
forbort and they thought they were pieces of crystal meth. rushing pulled officers it was likely sugar from krispy kreme donuts he had eaten, but to roadside drug test were allegedly positive for the illegal substance. a state crime lab leered him several weeks later, russians lawsuit claims negligence by the city and the drug kits manufacturer. a baby is born twice at a texas hospital. margaret ballmer went for her 16 week checkup and was told her baby had rare conditn would require surgery to survive. doctors recommend determination. that surgery was an option, so the 23 weeks pregnant, the baby was removed from her womb and a tumor removed, the baby was then returned to the whim and bomer remained on bed rest. linley was born 12 weeks later at full term. >> it was a choice of allowing that to mark to take over her
3:50 am
life so that's what we chose was to give her a chance. >> when she was born the second time, doctors examined her and gave her a good bill of health. isn't that remarkable? >> putting the baby back in the womb sealed in fluid, my goodness, what a miracle. it is a fascinating story. still to come, politics on the gridiron. the play called on the football field has plenty of fans talking about what they heard that they
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z25eiz z16fz
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no matter what you watch, with the alike fast approaching, you cannot escape politics these days predicate acts eli manning. fans watching the giants and rams game on sunday note is that manning was caught by micropho sounded a lot like trump trump trump head of a snap in the second quarter. the play was a run up the middle again the yard manning denied saying terms came after the game. note from call. no trump call. something very similar but it was not a term, so not an audible this week. i don't buy it.
3:54 am
the call was a signal for blockers to form a wall for the ball carrier in reference to donald trumps plan to build a wall along the mexican border. world series coming here tomorrow night, lots of things to check for the indians prior to game one of the series starting at progressive field. things appear to go without a hitch, he has the option to potential use him in game number two with templa both ryan merritt, the hero of game five will be on the postseason roster and also danny salazar danny is going to be available. he heard the pitching coach could throw out the 70-75 pitches could be the starting option or in the bullpen. yes, there is that guy with the miniscule postseason era corey kluber he will get the party
3:55 am
guys embracing the challenge of stepping in and filling the shoes not really trying to do too much, but is going out there and being the pictures that they are, do what makes them good and you know i think it's had good results for us. >> it certainly has, meanwhile world series absolutely have been magic both boston teams swept in the series back when they won those two titles this year it's been lots of obstacles to overcome the left ankle at the jason kipnis the chicago native leaving the dream facing the cubs from his hometown when he has an ankle injury suffered celebrating winning the al cs lee joked that it lindor spalled bursty and think i'm getting too much of a spotlight they tried to take me out he just couldn't handle it. it was a freak accident just landed on it and rolled it. the doctors we have here are top notch and first-class and hopefully we will be good to go by tomorrow night. john rossi reporting the cubs slugger will deice for the team
3:56 am
disney if of the seventh today he was getting at bats and the arizona fall league so the cubs lineup has the potential to drop ten runs on anyone at anytime. there are many ways they can hurt you, but folks must realize indians pitching staff held the blue jays to just eight runs while missing three starters. >> we know he's got some pretty good banking bridges, he's a competitor, very underrated though that's a good thing because you don't hear enough about him and is one of the st there is that respect for the man that is the ace of the indian staff. today the cavaliers waived dontay junk, so he is no longer a part of the team and deandre ligon will be taking his spot on the roster. of course, that is opening night will be tomorrow. the big thing over there at the arena. i was blessed to be at the awards dinner for the united
3:57 am
to meet one of the honorees, madeline williams is fearlessly advocated at congress for children with disabilities she is a bright light he was an inspiration to many. i was honored to meet her, her
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